3D Imagery Using Just 1 Image. (Now With Instructional Video)

Intro: 3D Imagery Using Just 1 Image. (Now With Instructional Video)

Note: In order to see these images in the slide show, you must posess a pair of Red/Cyan 3D glasses, the type I used is the pair from Guiness World Records 2009, which contained this imagery. IMAX and the dark-coloured 3D cinema glasses will not work!

Ok, so I was looking at the images in GWR 2009, and thought:

Is there a way I could do this myself, without expensive kit?

So I searched you tube for tutorial videos on what the easiest way to do this was, and found this:


However, his English is a little hard to understand (no offence to him), and involves tricky liquifying, which can ruin the look of the picture, and is hard to get like the original.

So, now I have posted an instructional video. Sorry there is no instructables, it is probably easier for me to make a video, and much easier for you to understnd if I make a video of it, so here it is:




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    6 years ago on Introduction

    U r just awesome.. I was looking out for this and thanks to you, I could achieve what I wanted. Thanks a ton for sharing this video.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You will need to give me the original, at full size, smaller images don't work too good!