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So while bored on Sunday I decided to pick back up a project I've been working on for some friends kids...

3D effect pictures, these can be absolutely anything, and can really change the dimensions of a photo literally lol

So enjoy the instructable

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Step 1: You Will Need

Now first you will need your photo or picture, you can add as many layers as you want but for the sake of this Batman 3D picture I chose 3.

The idea of this is to use one for the background, one for the middle ground ( slightly cut out in areas ) and 1 for the fore ground ( cut out a lot to highlight your main focus.

For this I used

Photo Printer

x3 copies of the same image on A4 photo paper

Exacto Knife, scissors, precision cutting tool


Thick Card or foam ( I didn't have any to hand so stuck multiple layers together

Step 2: Get Cutting.......

Firstly look at your image and work out where to make your cuts and how it will work

Remember the first picture will not need to be cut at all

The second picture will need trimming in areas. I chose to remove the outline of the building and the sky to really make the building look 3D

The last picture I removed everything as you can see apart from Batman himself and the ledge is was sat on, and also took extra care to remove sections around the cape etc,

Hopefully the pictures will give you an Idea.....

Step 3: Sticking......

Once you have finished cutting and are happy, cleaned up all edges you will be ready to glue.

Due to the Photo paper being thick and card like itself it is very good and sturdy. I stuck some squares of cut out foam pieces left over from a previous project together creating a 0.5 CM block. Then using super gule stuck there to the back of the middle and fore ground.

Then comes the tricky park, lining up the middle with the background and sticking them on top of each other, followed by the top piece to for all 3 3D layers

Step 4: Finished......

Now when all dry your finished......

You can either mount these on card and canvas to give great results or even use in a thick box frame and give as gifts or put on your wall......

Hope you all like and great creative

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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    very cool ,must take practice figuring where 2 make cuts. PARENTS SAVE INK WHILE KIDS PRACTICE ,a GREAT place for free images of superheros on cardstock or thicker paper is your local comic store. They always have free magazines at counter that show covers of upcoming comics while being stuffed with those postcard inserts advertising something but always have an image on it and hardstock. just buy a comic then at the counter grab a few of the free magazines they don't care. if they do say it's for your kids and they go through and pick out comics they want and if they all dont get their own magazine it's mayhem.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks, to be honestly it doesn't even really take that much practice there is no right or wrong way to do it, I work from the main part of the picture you want to stand out backwards and see how I can tweek bits. But your right this will work with anything Comics, books, it doesn't have to be printed.

    I've recently made a larger version of this from a poster brought from the local £1 store, Its nothing special just has falling Lego pieces on the poster and then I just printed some Lego super hero's from Google and used the same process to make them stand out from the background, just need a giant frame for them now ahahah


    1 year ago

    other areas to find good images not waiting ink: $1 store calandar (or most stores near end of year especially dec! when they throw then out) movie theaters:have hardstock posters on table 2 take, most places understand I was a h.s. teacher and the local walmart would always give me damaged or old calandar, promotional items left over, etc so I could use for school supply and kids collages


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks its really easy to do and good fun, I've found a frame for mine now and it looks even better, the thick box frames with the mounting are about £5 from Matalan or Asda, I will post up pics of it when sorted