3D Lightening McQueen Cake




Introduction: 3D Lightening McQueen Cake

This was made using 3 8"x5" vanilla pound cake stacked on top of eachother with very stiff buttercream icing. Then using a serrated knife and toy car as a reference point I cut out the lines of the cake. You then need to add a generous coat of stiff buttercream to really smooth everything out. It was then topped with a sheet of red fondant. With a cake like this you cant just lay it all on top at once or it will rip the fondant. You have to hold it up with one hand and press in the details with the other going along the length of the cake slowly - but dont take too long or the fondant will stiffen. Then cut out 4 medium circles in black fondant use a straw to cut out a circle in the middle of each and smooth out all corners. Attach to car cake with vodka (the best glue know to man).

Create a red snake in fondant and attach to windshield. Then cut out a white fondant rectangle to fit within the parameters of the snake. For the eyelids cut out half a rectangle with one side higher than the other to give it a sassy look. Using white fondant marble innavy blue color to simulate the look of a real eye. The black and white in the eye, the white bolts, the gas tank, and the exhaust were all cut with a straw. The rusteze logo was cut out of burgundy fondant and piped with gold royal icing. The headlights, backlights, 95 circle, windows, and swallow falls logo were all cut out in fondant in various shapes as shown and then piped over with royal icing for the details.

The spoiler was a challenge for me so i shaped it out of fondant and attached it with toothpicks to the back of the car.

The green grass patches were done using the grass tip and stiff royal icing.

A better effect would be to cover the cake board with "grass" or create a little road for him to sit on with grass on the side.

Happy cake making from Decadence Cakes!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, this is just so creative. I really love the way you have done it. It takes some out of the box thinking for sure. I think u can make a lot of money from these creative cakes. I wont be surprised if this becomes very popular soon. Great and thanks for posting it. Quite liked it.

    Tedd :)