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About: Hi I'm Savvy and welcome to my instructable page.

This is a 3D mickey mouse head, I wanted to try different objects with the 3D look. This is using the technique as my 3D Hand instructable

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Step 1: Equipment

I used the following objects:

  1. A bowl- small to medium
  2. A cup- small to medium depends on the size of the bowl
  3. Ruler
  4. Black, Red and Yellow felt tip pens- I used these colours to represent Mickey Mouse

Start by drawing round the bowl in pencil and place the cup on either side and draw round it using a pencil to create the ears- I used the ruler to make the two ears in line with each other.

Step 2: Process

I used the ruler to mark out where I was going to place the black felt tip pen.

The black lines are 2cm apart and used pencil to mark the lines out.

I used the main colours of mickey mouse red, white,black and yellow.

I left a strip of white between the different colours to separate them.

You can decide how thick you want your line to be- mine was around double

Step 3: Finish

The picture is taken on a angle to show you what it looks like.

You can use different colours like pinks for Minnie mouse and you could add a bow on it to symbolize her more.

I hope you liked this instructable and check out my other tutorials .

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4 years ago

Nice job Savvyz!! I want to know if this is really 3D, like a bubble or blister, or just 3D in appearance ??? My wife is re-doing the lav in a Mickey theme and this would be an AWESOME addition!! Cheers lass!

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago

a bowl was used so yes, it it really 3D