3D Origami Star




Easy 3D Origami Star. It is amazing for gifts to friends or family!

You will need :


Paper (copy or colored)


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Step 1: Measure ½ Inch Width on Paper With Your Choice of Writing Utensil on Paper

Step 2: Cut on Line You Drew

Step 3: Make a Knot With Paper Strip With One Side Smaller Than the Other

Step 4: Press Down Till It's Flat

Step 5: Tuck Shorter Side in Knot (cut or Fold If Needed)

Step 6: Hold Longer Sides in a Pentagon Shape Until All Paper Is Folded

Step 7: Tuck in Flap.

Step 8: Hold Pentagon on Two Opposite Side With Your Fingers.

Step 9: Press Into Center of Aside of the Pentagon.

Step 10: Repeat Till All Sides Are Pressed to a Star

Step 11: Optional:Put Multiple Stars in a Balloon and Pop for a Celebration. Link Down Below.

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