I am very happy to share with you my first ever Instructable: An ultra-simple 3d printing project I call:

“The 3d Printed, Wall Mounted, Cap Catching, Magnetic Bottle Opener Of AWESOMENESS!!!”

I’ve seen this concept done with wooden and metallic bases– some DIY projects are available online and many versions are available for purchasing online. Here is my adaptation of this idea to 3D printing technology.

Feel free to modify my design as you wish.

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Step 1: What You'll Need and How Much It'll Cost You:

  • 3D Printed base per the file attached (STL and Parasolid x_t formats)
  • Wall Mounted Metal Bottle Opener – I got mine from here
  • 3 X Neodymium Magnets 30mm x 10mm x 4mm – I got mine here
  • A few drops of Cyanoacrylate (superglue) adhesive (epoxy will do too)
  • 2 X M5X12 Flat Head Phillips Machine Screws – (example: McMaster-Carr P/N 91420A322)
  • 2 X M5 Nuts – (example: McMaster-Carr P/N 92497A300)
  • 2 X Mounting Screws – according to your wall type (Drywall, Wood, etc…)

Note: – Metric Hardware can be replaced with inch threaded Hardware: 10-24 Nuts and 10-24 x ½” long screws will work – Nuts will need to be heated in order to fit in their designed sockets.


  • PLA filament for the 3D printed base: Between $2-$8, depending on how much you paid for your filament spool and your printer setup.
  • Wall Mounted Metal Bottle Opener – approximately $2
  • 3 x Neodymium Magnets - approximately $3
  • Nuts, screws and superglue – a few more dollars, depending on where and how much you buy.

If you buy the 3D printed base:
I uploaded the model to 3dhubs.com (IT'S SUPER COOL!) and got plenty of hits in the range of 10$ to 15$ in the USA - some were as low as 6$ !!! (for PLA or ABS)

Total cost for in-house printing: approximately 10$

Total cost for outsourced printing: approximately 15$ to 25$

Step 2: 3D Printing the Base

The base is approximately 165mm x 80mm x 10mm (6.5" x 3.15" x 0.4") so it can be printed on many common desktop printers – Makerbot, Ultimaker 2, Lulzbot Taz 5, UP Box, most RepRaps, etc.

Mine was printed on an Ultimaker 2 using a PLA filament without using supports for the overhangs.

Note: if you plan on mounting your magnetic bottle opener outdoors, then you might consider printing in ABS, which is considered more weather-proof.

If you do not have access to a 3D printer, there are many service providers available that can print the file and send it to you – check out 3dhubs.com (see details on previous step).

Step 3: Assembly

Pressing the nuts

Press the nuts into the nut sockets – depending on the actual dimensions of the nuts and your print they might need to be press fit – you can do that by lightly tapping them in using a soft mallet or a wooden hammer. If more than a gentle force is required – you might need to heat the nut over a candle flame for 10-30 seconds and then press them in.

Gluing the magnets:

Before gluing your magnets, clean them with either Acetone, nail polish remover, or any home use Alcohol. Try your best to avoid touching the surface to be glued with your bare hands prior to bonding. Oils from your fingers deposited on the magnet’s surface will compromise the bonding strength.

Apply a few drops of superglue in one of the magnet’s pockets on the printed base and press the magnet in. Hold for a few seconds per the glue manufacturer’s instructions. Repeat for the second and third magnets. Allow the glue to cure for each magnet before gluing the next – this is to prevent the magnetic forces between them from causing them to move.

Note on magnet polarity – I bonded the magnets with the same polarity direction – meaning all of them were North side up or all of them were south side up - This should increase the total magnetic attraction of the opener, but probably doesn't have a significant effect on it.

Do not screw in the Metal Bottle Opener yet.

Step 4: Mounting

Choose 2 mounting screws according to your wall type – any hardware store can help you with this.

I used the ones provided with the Metal Bottle Opener.

Mark the spot for your Bottle Opener of AWESOMENESS and Mount the assembled base to the wall using 2 screws.

Screw in the Metal Bottle Opener using 2 M5X12 Flat head screws – tighten using a manual screw driver and not an electrical or battery operated driver as this might impose too much pressure on the printed base and damage it.

Step 5: Time for a Cold One!

Get yourself a cold one and try out you newly completed


So Cheers, Salute, Na zdorovie, Proost, Chin chin, Yamas, Kan-pie, L’chaim to all of you out there.

If you like my first ever Instructable, I’d appreciate a vote for the 3D Printing Contest.


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Oh this is just so amazing ! love the concept !
    I wish I could buy the pieces ready made ...


    5 years ago

    Great idea. Definitely the bottle opener of awesomeness.


    5 years ago

    Awesome! This would make an amazing birthday gift...


    5 years ago on Introduction

    As I was scrolling through your instructable I was thinking to myself, "This needs a GIF!" And you delivered! Looks great!