3D Paper Snowflakes




Try this easy (and cheap!) winter/Christmas decoration!

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Step 1: Gather Material & Tools

Materials (only 3 items needed!):

  1. Copy Paper (or paper of your choice)
  2. Thread (or ribbon if you prefer)
  3. Glue (use your favourite, I like Tombo Multi-Purpose)

Additional Tools:

  1. Paper Trimmer or Scissors
  2. Your Finger, a Pen/Pencil or Round Tool

Step 2: Cut & Fold

  1. Cut your paper into 1/2" strips. Try all different lengths.
  2. Whatever length you choose, you will need 10 per snowflake.
  3. Fold each strip, not quite in half.

Step 3: Curl Your Paper

  1. Take your tool of choice (finger, pen/pencil or round tool) and start curling the ends into the center.

Step 4: Add More Curl

  1. Now take each strip and curl a bit tighter with your fingers. There's no wrong way to do it and each strip will look different.
  2. When you've curled them a bit tighter, pinch the fold gently to bring the sides closer together.

Step 5: Glue Your Pieces Together

I know snowflakes are suppose to be symmetrical, but I liked that they weren't for this project. If you want yours to be symmetrical, make sure you glue all your pieces in the same direction and your curls look relatively the same. For example, keep your longer side to the left and the shorter one on the right (so keep gluing a longer side to a shorter side).

  1. Take your glue and put some to the bottom of one curl (near the fold/pointy part)
  2. Take another curl and adhere it to the glued part
  3. Continue step one until you've glued 9 strips together. Make sure to pinch & hold the strips together to make sure the glue is adhering.

Step 6: Glue the 10th Strip

  1. Before gluing the last strip in place, lay your snowflake on a flat surface and let it expand out.
  2. Put glue on both sides of the last strip (also near the bottom fold/point)
  3. Slip it into the right spot and get your fingers in there to glue in place.

Step 7: Adding the Thread

You want to hang these beauties all over your house once you're done!

  1. Slip the thread through the curled strips
  2. Bring the thread ends up around the middle to the opposite side and tie a couple of knots
  3. Cut the extra thread off

Step 8: Hang Your 3D Snowflake

Your snowflake is complete!

Copy paper is quite light, so thread works well. Depending on where you hang them, you can either use tape or tie them.

Now sit back and accept the compliments. :)

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5 Discussions


3 years ago

Nice. I see you have other styles as well


Reply 3 years ago

Thanks! Not my original idea, but couldn't resist creating a tutorial for them... they're so beautiful!


3 years ago

I feel like they would work as birthday decorations too! Great job

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

Great idea! If you did them in coloured paper, they'd look more like fireworks!