3D Picture Frame DIY



Here are photo frames that give a 3D effect by superimposing images of layers, depending on whether the objects are more or less far into perspective.

this is easy. you need:

a photo or wallpaper.

a very thick photo frame.

cardboard pen or autrematiere thick.


and glossy paper 180g / m²


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Step 1: 3D Picture Frame DIY Example (squiz in World of Nemo)

here you can see the superposition of layers of paper that gives depth and the relief effect to the image.


Step 2: 3D Picture Frame DIY Example (Olaf in Frozen)

same thing here, as we see this relief effect to the image.


Step 3: How I Do With Olaf

take the example of Olaf, the steps necessary to give relief

I started by downloading a wallpaper that I immediately printed on, and that will serve as background.

for the second step we added trees back and Olaf full.

the third step we will put entire Olaf only

for the fourth stage we go back to Olaf, without his arms and his hair.

and finally we will add the carrot and 3petits coals Olaf

the foam board will serve as between each of the paper layers to give the thickness. Use glue white wood preferably, and a cutter and preferable for precise cutting. sure both cut around each elements

notice I delete a lot of color, cut and paste many elements to make ink and paper savings

END :)

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