3D Pop Art ToYs BOaRd - (';'




Introduction: 3D Pop Art ToYs BOaRd - (';'

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It is easy, recycled, funny and looks cool.
I had a lot of toys kipped at home. The Coca-cola boards I found in the Garbage on the Street.
The pics, I have a collection of post cards and posters of famous painters like
Monet, Velasquez, Klimt etc..
Some toys are from mc' Donalds.
What funny is, you should mix all this things, so you have something a la Pop Art. ;)

Step 1: What I Needed- ;)

- 2 boards  of plastic
- Toys
- post cards and posters
- fast cure glue (for fixing the toys) , scissors and glue stick (for the cards and posters)

Step 2: Making...)

-  fix the posters and cards with  the glue stick, composing the board.
-  fix the toys how you like with the fast cure glue. 
-  ; )

Step 3: Finish..



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    WOOOAH. That's really cool. Great weekend project also!

    Ufa! Agora sei o que fazer com esses brinquedos de lanche...Muito bom!

    wow! great idea! I also colect that kind of old stuff and I never know what to do with a few years after. sometimes i use images (postcards, concert tickets, etc) disposed on tables with acrilic glass on top (not that expensive, you can order it in any frame store), and change the disposition and the images now and then. but i'm going to try this one :) thanks*

    2 replies

    This glass-topped display table also sounds a great idea - you could take some photos and write up an Instructable....?

    hi! Your idea is very cool too.
    A table like that you say, I think would be very cool.
    Thanks for the compliments ;)