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About: I am 28 years old engineering student from Oulu in Finland. I make these projects as a hobby. My goal is to make these instructables at the lowest cost possible making these projects to be done by everyone....

Making your imagination in game to real life!

Make printable files from your in game builds.

Follow these few steps to enter the amazing life of 3D print.

Check the video for more comprehensive tutorial.

Mobile users can found the video from HERE!

Step 1: Make the Build You Want to Print.

Simple as that. Just take some building blocks and start building.

Remember to design the print that way that is easy to print. Size does not matter in this state. Build as big as you can. The scaling can be done in Cura.

I made a simple Instructables robot stamp.

Step 2: Import the Map to Cura.

Press Tools---> Minecraft map import.

Select the map you want and highlight the part you want to import from the map.

Press import and scale if needed.

Step 3: Printing.

I used Printrbot makers kit that i build my self.

1.75mm PLA is used with 0.4mm nozzle.

Step 4: Glue the Handle.

Glue the handle to the backside of the stamp. I used hot glue.

That's about it.

Step 5: Use Your Imagination.

Use your own imagination to create the most awesome build's in Minecraft. I have seen some serious building skills in the game and i challenge you to print those files.

ps. If you print the stamp yourself, make sure that the ink is fluid enough ;)

Happy building's



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