3D Print: Simple & Modular Playstation 4 Dualshock 4 Under-table Stand (suits All Rectangular Table Edges)




In this instructable I will teach you how to 3d print a rigid and reliable modular dualshock 4 undertable stand (that is pretty easy to print in regular FDM/FFF 3d printers)

Step 1: Important Side Note Before Starting!

This project is designed to fit a rectangular-cornered table with 10mm (1cm) thickness (classic and universal glass table)

It is fairly simple to modify the attached .STL files using Google SketchUp to suit your own table, since it is modular you only have to slightly modify the first STL (part A).

Do not try to just scale it up since the part that attaches to the second STL will not fit properly.

If you scale up both STLs, the third one will wobble terribly and will result in a bad object.

Lets start!

Step 2: Download and Print .STL Files

To start off, you will need to download all the STL files attached to this instructable.

You are better off 3d printing them in ABS plastic, but you could use PLA if you are careful not to hit it too hard when dropping the controller.

My recommended and tested settings for printing this object in ABS are:

File A and B (modular brackets): 25% infill, 1mm shell thickness, no support, and resolution doesn't really matter (0.15 to 0.3 mm is fine). FYI: i used 0.2mm layer height for my personal prints.

File C (support arms): 35% infill (the rest leave it like it was set for A and B)

Make sure you have your 3d printer correctly calibrated and you are using a heatbed with some form of adhesion (tape, glue, hairspray, superglue, etc.) since the parts are fairly thin but elongated and it is prone to warp and come out incorrectly in most printers.

To end off this step: clean out the printed part! (file gently, sand out rough details or just pinch off the remaining strings if your printer is not perfectly calibrated)

Step 3: Assemble Modular Brackets Using Superglue

Using some superglue (or acetone if you dont have any and you printed using ABS) glue the two brackets together so they end up like the picture attached. This will mean that you have a large bracket inserting into your table end and a second bracket hidden below the table.

Step 4: Add the Support Arms and Test!

Now all you have to do is to insert the support arms (dont worry too much about breaking them, you can just print them and replace them very easily since they are not supposed to be glued to anything).

Once your support arms are in place, you can slide the whole object into the table edge, and forget about having to dust-off your PS4 controller!

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