3D Print Time Turner Case

Introduction: 3D Print Time Turner Case

As part of a larger project where I am creating a Harry Potter wall in the bedroom for my wife, I needed a case to display several small HP objects, including Hermione Granger's Time Turner necklace. The time turner can be found on ebay extremely cheap (less than $3). But it's just the necklace.. I could have build a case to display out of wood, but decided to try something a little more modern. So I created the case in the computer, 3D rendered it into a STL file and 3D printed it.

Step 1: Basic Shapes

First off, I'm a novice when it comes to creating 3D images in the computer. I can do basic shapes and designs but that's it. However, the time turner case is just a bunch of squares and rectangles put together to make a bigger cube. So I figured I could handle that. I used Autodesk's 123 Design. Basically just put together shapes to create the case. I used a case which is advertised to with the Time Turner. I used it as my example.

Step 2: The Print

I printed one case, but the printing software shrunk it for some reason. So I had to print another copy with it scaled up so that the result was the proper size to fit the time turner.

Step 3: Then the Paint

I painted the case brown since it is supposed to be the color of wood. I could have tried using an acetone bath to smooth out the case, but thought that would make it look more plastic than wood.

Step 4: Plexiglass Sides

I cut several thin plexiglass sides out to encompass the case. I then used a mirror film to place on the back to give a reflective image.

Step 5: Glue the Plexi

Next I glued the two side plexiglass panes. I used Gorilla Super Glue and some small clips to affix them to the case. I had to be careful not to damage the plexi, the case, or the reflective backing.

Step 6: Magnets

I could have used mini-hooks but decided to be a little more difficult (but cooler) by using magnets to place the time turner and close the lid. So I glued small neodymium magnets to the center of the lid in order to hold the chain. This allowed me to put the time turner in the proper place in the case. I then thought that was such a good idea, I used magnets to affix the lid to the case. In hindsight I should have recessed the magnets which would require redoing the case in the computer and designing a recess into the posts. Since I did not do that, the magnets can be seen if looked at from the right angle. However, the angle is one which you cannot see from the shelf I'm placing this on, so I did not worry about it.

The important thing I had to remember is that when using magnets you have to align the proper poles of the magnets together so you do not get a lid trying to fly off on one side due to the wrong poles being glued down. So, I attached one set of magnets to the posts. Then let the second set attach and marked the side with the opposite pole. This became the side I would place glue on to affix to the lid. Seemed to work out pretty well. The only problem is I have to make sure the chain does not get stuck on the magnets intended to hold the lid down.

Step 7: Back Magnet and Chain Groove

With the chain inside being short, I needed someone else to put the remainder. I could have cut the extra off, but that would ruin the chain for future use, if I so desired. So, I used my Dremel rotary tool to cut two small chain grooves in the back part of the case. I then glued another magnet to the back of the case which will be facing the wall. The chain stays nicely there. I could have placed another box on the back of the case, but again, that would have required a reprint/design. So I figured this was the lazy way of handling it. If I were to do it again, I might just design the grooves and holding box into the 3D case.

Step 8: So Far So Good

Now only two steps remain. I need to affix the front panel. I have printed off molding which I will paint either gold or brown to cover up the sections of the posts where you can see the glue through the plexi. This should also cover up the magnets at the top. I'll update the instructable as soon as that's done.

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    2 years ago

    How did you go about printing it. Do you have a 3D printer? And if so can you tell me the make and model please?