3D Print Your House!!!!!




Introduction: 3D Print Your House!!!!!

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Using a drone, autodesk recap, and autodesk remake making 3d models of anything is easy! In this tutorial I will show how to make your house into a 3d model!

Step 1: Build and Upload the Flight Plan

Add a waypoint over the building you would like to scan, then change it to structure scanner and change the params to fit your setup. Then upload it to the drone.

Step 2: Takeoff

Arm the drone, then select "Auto" to start the mission. The drone will keep the camera pointed towards the building and circle it for however many times you specified. Just let it do its thing.

Step 3: Start Autodesk Remake

Visit https://remake.autodesk.com/ then select "photos to 3d", upload your photos, then configure the settings by selecting smart cropping to "ON". Now its going to upload the photos and process them into a 3d triangulated mesh.

Step 4: Download the File

This step is easy, just download the rcm file.

Step 5: Crop Out the Object in ReCap

Use Autodesk ReCap to edit the file, select the object area you want then either delete or isolate it.

Step 6: Admire the Detail

I always have to sit back and admire the detail every time i do this the first photo shows the triangulated mesh, notice how close the triangles are. The other images show a x-ray view where you can see the simplest details such as the windows.

Step 7: Export to STL by Select 3d Print

Now we need a stl file that slicer programs can turn into g-code. Make sure to fix the file before exporting or i may glitch the slicer program.

Step 8: 3D Print

Each 3d printer is different so i can't realy help you out here, just do whatever you normally do to 3d print and be AMAZED!

Step 9: Your Done!!!

Make sure to check out my YouTube video, it may help a little bit more! If you have any questions just leave them in the comments.

I hope you liked the project, I have found it to be really useful let me know what you plan to do with it! Also be sure to become part of my social community:)

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See ya next time :)

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    5 Discussions


    7 months ago

    This is awesome!


    12 months ago on Step 3

    Autodesk seems to have deprecated remake so this part no longer works. It appears recap pro is $300/year


    3 years ago

    Fantastic! I had thought about this a while back, to make a mesh I could use to plan out a custom patio for my backyard, and this is exactly the procedure I will use.


    3 years ago

    For those people without drones, you can do the same thing by taking pictures with a camera from a distance, but you may have trouble getting places like the roof.

    Flos Workshop
    Flos Workshop

    Reply 3 years ago

    use Google maps :)