3D Printable Headphone Holder




Here is a 3D printable headphone holder for a desk. It can be re-scaled to fit certain desk and or certain headphones. I have made the lip for the desk 2" so it would fit on my desk if I ever 3D printed it.

I will keep everyone updated and this is not the only step just what I have time to do today. I will update it a lot!

I will try to 3d print this and test it out. Having some complications with the 3D printer I have access to right now!

Step 1: Here Are Pictures and a Video!

Here some screenshots for the model. I will try to 3D print it ASAP but the 2 I can access are not working right now.

Step 2: Download .STL

Download the .Stl and then upload it to what ever printer software you use!

Step 3: 3D Print It!

Now that you have downloaded and put the .STL file in your printer software, it's time to 3D print this!



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    I see you created account for 3D printing contest. Nothing wrong with that but when you show off your models, you might want to attach 3d file. And don't attach sketchup file as it limits file's use - export your file to .obj or .stl (two most universal 3d file formats). (this goes for all (both) your instructables)

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Ptkrf, I will add the models! Thanks for the helpful comment and helping me out.