3D Printed Bf-109 FIGHTER

Introduction: 3D Printed Bf-109 FIGHTER

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This is a jet toy set. Design based on the Bf-109 FIGHTER in World War II. (1935) It was one of the first truly modern fighters of the era, including such features as all-metal monocoque construction.

Step 1: Brief Introduction

The bearings and and the propeller shaft shown in the picture was added a metal rim for smooth the surface. And the wheel and the propeller could run quickly. When you buy this jet set in shapetizer.com, it means that you can print it at any time using your account and printer. There are 16 stl files will be loaded, some of them need to be print twice. For your convenience, I made a table below:

Step 2: Stls

Just follow the sheet ! Don't forget to change the filament with different color, and to add no. 3, no. 4, no. 16 stl file in the print platform. And finally ,you will get these:

Step 3: Step 1 Assemble the Bearings With the Wheel.

Insert the bearing across the hole in to the bearing cap.

Step 4: Put the Wheels On.

Three wheels altogether.

Step 5: Step 2 Assemble the Upper Part of the Body

and to wings into the lower part of the body.

Step 6: Step 3 Insert the Propeller Shaft Into the Propeller Engine.

Assemble the propeller and the cap.

Step 7: Finish

Finally set the seat and put on the helmet, let’s fly. :)

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    3 years ago

    wher are the stl files?????

    i wanted to print it.


    I'm afraid the result reminds me more of the "Bee Gee" racer, an infamous plane of the thirties:

    No disrespect meant, just sayin' is all.