3D Printed Bicycle Phone Mount



In this project i will show you how to 3D print a phone holder for your bicycle. I made my holder for an IPhone 4s so design and sizing may vary. the product has a 4 pin connection design an is held together with an M5 nut and bolt and is attached to the bike with cable ties. THE PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD AS AN ATTACHMENT. MADE FOR AN IPHONE 4S WITH A CASE INSTALLED. IS A STL FILE.


Step 1: The CAD Model

I created this model in a program called spaceclaim. To achieve accurate results you will have to reference your phone sizes carefully. I initially started of forming a cross shaped structure to hold the phone securely. I added the longer curved areas at the bottom so that the ports were available for access all of which considered in the initial design.You may want to consider adding a overhang on the 3 remaining cross sections stop you phone from bouncing out of the holder. i would recommend adding the webbing to the cross beams as this adds additional support to the product. The connection piece was 3D modeling with cable tie routing through the middle. This can be done easily with the drag tool. The size used for the handle bar mount was 31.6mm as this is a fairly standard and consistent size for handle bars.

Step 2: Assembley

After printing you should remove any support material to ensure the product has correct tolerances. The bottom and top pieces are held together with an M5 nut and bolt which are countersunk on both sides. The product has then being spray painted with a blue color to stand out.



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