3D-Printed Combination Lock





Introduction: 3D-Printed Combination Lock

This was done for my 3d modeling class (4170) using AutoDesk Inventor 2009. It was done to show how a basic combination lock works than to actually lock anything. It is made of 10 parts and fully works. Cost to make was around $28 to have it printed on a Dimension 3D printer.Total size is 4 inches wide. 3.5 front to back and 2.5 tall and very lightweight 2-4 ounces. (correction1.5 Ounces)

I got the idea from this website Woodgears.ca This is my version.

This was added to the Makezine site and I figured I would add it here also and throw in a few renders.



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You can check out online used equipment directories and get one cheaper but it won't have as high of tolerances and may need repair. To buy one new though, expect to start out at $18K and as much as $150K for the larger models. (for this particular technology) Other technologies are cheaper, but so are the parts. Good luck.

Well, 7 years later, you can just go to a local FabLab or Makerspace and print one!

we still dont have those in holland

you said people will be trowing them out. so i said free 3D i wanna have free 3D