3D Printed Curtain Rod Hanger

Hello friends.  I was in the market for new curtain rods, and was just about shocked to find out how much they are at the store!  The cheapest setup is $20, and they can get quite expensive very quickly if you want a fancy valance on the end.

Here is the file for printing a curtain rod hanger.  It fits 1 1/4" dowels, the kind you usually find in closets.  The dowels came to about $5 each, and each hanger uses $0.75 worth of plastic.  Add in $13 for a quart of paint (that was the smallest they had of this color, I didn't need anywhere near all of it though,) and my curtain rods came to about $10 each.

There is no valance yet, that will be a separate item, as they can be mixed and matched.  

I have had heavy, insulated curtains hanging from these all winter without any failures.

My local hardware store has a scanner that can match colors, so I was able to get a paint that matched the plastic by bringing in a sample.  

This file has already been run through cloud.netfabb.com so should be ready to print as is.

This is a pretty easy print, no overhangs or anything weird.  Enjoy not buying crap from China!

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