3D Printed Drill Stop Collar




Introduction: 3D Printed Drill Stop Collar

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If you need to drill several holes to exactly the same depth, these are pretty commonly used tools in the shops, you can also buy steel ones from online/shop.

Heres a link from McMaster Carr


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Step 1: Model on Autodesk Fusion 360

I made the model on autodesk fusion 360. The model is fairly simple, I made the hole for the set screw a bit smaller from the measurement from between two sides of the threads

Step 2: Slicer

Use any slicer that works for your printer

in my case, I'm using a ultimaker printer, so I use cura to prepare the print file

Step 3: Set Screws

I got my set screws from a assorted set from amazon, you can also get it from McMaster Carr.

The set screws from the set just say 1/8 dia, I assume its either 5-40 or 5-44.

The set screws should thread in with a bit of resistance when you first drive it in with a allen wrench.

Step 4: Put It on the Drill Bit!

Slide it through the drill bit. If it is too tight, i suggest loosen the set screw, but it on a vice grip and run the drill bit in a drill until it slide easy

Step 5: Files Available on Thingivers

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    1 year ago

    I see you've used PLA plastic. Are you afraid of it ever melting from the high temperature the drill bit reaches while drilling?


    Reply 1 year ago

    PLA start getting soft above 150 degree celsius and I am only using them for up to 3/8 inch bit so it should be fine, at least so far i haven't counter any problem, you can also use other material as you desire, the maker space i have access to only provide pla so thats what i use. also pack drilling also prevent over heating

    Clever idea. This is much better than my usual technique of using tape.

    world of woodcraft
    world of woodcraft

    Reply 1 year ago

    I was thinking of exactly the same thing. Though sometimes I use sharpy when I don't have a stop collar for the drill bit i'm using, And I'm not using a drill press with a mechanical stop. Suddenly all my drill bits will have stop collars to keep em out of mischief. (thanks schou2 for creating this top tip)


    Reply 1 year ago

    tape is also a valid solution. But this you have more indication of when to stop.