3D Printed Face Goblet!




Introduction: 3D Printed Face Goblet!

Today we found a pretty simple way to convert a silhouette of a face to a nice 3D "candlestick" object that is easy to print. We'd like to share it with you!

Developed by Yonatan and Tom @ Wanger Fablab, MadaTech Museum Haifa, Israel. Give us a holler at fablab@madatech.org.il

The technique was inspired by Rotem Abeles' work in Fab Academy 2013 . Thanks!


Step 1: Start With a Picture

A profile picture, best on a bright background for maximum contrast. This picture is not the best example.

We used Microsoft Picture Manager to crop the image and tweak the brightness levels to get maximum contrast as possible.

Step 2: Create the Basic Shape to Revolve

in Inkscape, use the tracing tool to get a single outline of the contour of the face.

Use "Union" and "break curve" tools to clean.

Step 3: Create the Basic Shape to Revolve (2)

Now draw a rectangle as shown in red, and use the "difference" tool to subtract the face from the rectangle, as seen on the left side of the image.

Export the resulting path to OpenScad. We used "export paths to openscad" tool.

Step 4: Create Your 3D Goblet

Revolve the shape using the Revolve_Extrude command.

The shape may need to be moved using the "Translate" command on the X axis until the best position is found.

See the Scad file for details.

Step 5: Print! Amaze Your Friends!

Export from OpenScad and print using your favorite 3D printer software.

Sometimes there is still a residual hole in the center of the model. It increases print time. I'm working on a method to get rid of it in OpenScad.

This model took 34 minutes to print.

Use a flashlight or the flash from a camera phone to make the silhouette larger and easier to see.

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6 Discussions


2 years ago

Hi. Great idea. But I somehow don't know how to use to use the revolve command. I just get a linear shape with the face cut out in OpenScad.


6 years ago on Introduction

Amazing idea!


I wonder if it could be adapted to two faces one against another - how would that work with the rotate? maybe rotate 2 profiles 180 degrees?

anyhow, great job!


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

you could even do more than two. each face will get a slice of the circle, like in a pizza.

if you rotate it that would result in -- animated face goblet ! whoa


6 years ago

Cool idea:)