3D Printed Fishing Lures

Introduction: 3D Printed Fishing Lures

Fishing lures can get expensive at $5 or more a piece, and much of the time they can get lost and destroyed- So why not print your own for pennies!

You can also 100% customize colors, sizes, patterns and bouyancy

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Step 1: What You'll Need

Here's what you'll need

-About 20 inches of Fishing line (I recommend using heavy braided line)

-a Swivel connector

-2 treble hooks

- A 3D printer and the .STL files which you can get here - EB Tool Co - 3D printables - There's two different types and a spinner you can print to add more attention or build a spinning lure.

* I used orange filament, there are probably many colors that would work well - I just got in some glow in the dark filament that I can't wait to try

Step 2: Printing and Adding the Line

Just download and print the file. If you don't want the lure to float you can either print it solid (no hex or triangle fill) or you can do what I did and use a hex fill pattern and pause the print to add split-shot sinkers in the middle of the hexes. - If you can't do either of those you should also be able to add split shot sinkers to the hook lines (though that's not ideal)

You'll notice after you print the body that there are two sets of holes running through - you'll want to string your line through like this

Step 3: Swivel

Now it's time to string the swivel and tie it on the front

Step 4: Hooks

Next just tie on the Hooks

Step 5: Triming / Finishing

Then just trim the lines, paint it up however you like - and get to fishing!

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    Nice lure project. I love how 3D printing lets you customize your gear to exactly what you are fishing for.