3D Printed Flower Lamp (crown Jewel)




In this tutorial, you'll be reading about how to make a 3d printed flower lamp. To make it you will need a 3dprinter and optionally, a laser cutter, to make the wood cut stand for it.

Tools you will need,

A 3dprinter.

3d filament of you choice (I had 1.75mm abs).

A hot glue gun.

A lamp and socket for it and a cable with a switch.

3mm wood and a laser cutter (optional)

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Step 1: 3dprinting

This part is gonna be about 3d printing and the settings I used to make this. I print on a Up!, with the settings set to fine and the resolution set to 0.20mm, which is the max for this machine. The parts should fit snugly in a 120x120x120 machine.

The parts are printed separately from each other and take about a day to print (all of them together). You can pick any colour you like, so you can personalise it to your taste :3

Files can be found here:


Step 2: Laser Cutting

Optionally, you can make a laser cut stand for it. This isn't really necessary for the lamp to work. the file is for 3mm wood, but you can probably adapt the file to your needs. Don't glue the bottom ring in yet, do this during final assembly.

Step 3: Colour Example and Quality Control

Some examples of how the lamps look while lit. you can change the watt of the lamp to suit your needs. This version of the lamp is quite tough, but still needs to be handled with a little care (keep away from cats and desks, promise me on this one ;)

Step 4: What Watt

You are free to choose the watt of the lamp yourself, but I would suggest something within the 10 - 20 range.The picture above was with 50 watt and it kind of made a small star in my room :3. The lamp is made to accept most E14 sockets, which can be glued in.

Step 5: Assembly

For the assembly you start with placing the wood bottom between the two 3d printed hinge parts and locking those together, then place the bottom wood ring to secure the whole thing (if you want a lamp in there do this first and get the wiring sorted out). glue on the top half and you're done, good job ;)

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Fantastic design! Something to try in the future could be to make it mechanical so the flower can open/close as a dimming switch -- would be cool. :)

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    I'm actually working on something like that, it just needs some "work"


    Reply 3 years ago

    Looking forward to it. I'm actually trying out something similar with a mechanical flower of my own, and it's quite tricky.. good luck!