3D Printed "Fragnée" Bridge




Introduction: 3D Printed "Fragnée" Bridge

This is a 3D Printed model of the very nice bridge "Pont de Fragnée" in Liège Belgium.

Step 1: Print the Bridge Parts

Print the following in PLA with a 3D Printer (I use the orginal Prusa i3) :

- 3 times the file pontdefragnéepart1.stl

- 2 times the file pontdefragéneepart2.stl

- 3 times the file fences2.st

Step 2: Assembly

Assemble and glue all parts together with superglue.

Please note that the bridge arcs cannot be pushed inside the bridge end parts.

You have to cut the lower corner of the arc part so that it fits in. (Sorry this is a design mistake but anyway that part is hidden, or you can import stl file in your CAD tool and modify it.. if you do so please publish your contribution)

Step 3: Statues

The bridge "Pont de fragnée" has very nice angels and statues on each poles.

Find some statues on 3D print repositories (thingiverse, .. ) resize it, print it and glue it.

As I do not have license on those statues and angels files I cannot publish them here.

Try to find some and be creative !!

Step 4: Painting

Fix the bridge on a plate. For example a thin insulation board.

You can use simple water color to paint it

I you want to take care of it, add a tunnel plastic shield protection as you can see in the last picture.

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    Question 6 months ago

    What kind of nozzle, and what settings did you use to get it so detailed?


    2 years ago

    Oh ! un Liégeois :)