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Introduction: 3D Printed Gripper

The following instructable is about a 3D printed gripper which can be used by a KUKA KR5 robotic arm. We chose this project with one of my professors because it can be useful in the future of the faculty of engineering at my university. My job was to produce a parallel moving gripper with 3 fingers. First of all, obviously I was brainstorming and sketching a lot before I started the 3d modelling. I would like to lead you through of my work from the point I started modelling my gripper in Solidworks.

Parts required:

3D printed parts

MG955 servo motor

M1.4 x 6mm, M2 x 8mm and M3x 8mm screws

Arduino UNO



Step 1: Components Designed in Solidworks

The four holes on the bottom of the first part allow me to connect the gripper with screws to the KUKA robotic arm.

Step 2: Assembly

First of all, the servo motor is connected to Part1. Than we can link Part1 to Part2. The upcoming steps are easily traceable based on the pictures.

Step 3: Motion Test in Solidworks

Mechanism: I had to transform the rotational motion into linear motion which can be understood based on the video and pictures I attached. If I rotate the motor with 106 degrees the finger is going to move approximately 50 mm. I calculated this range with a simple sketch in Solidworks.

Step 4: 3D Printing

Since I do not have a 3D printer I had to order the printing method. The owner of the printer sent me some pictures of the parts. The parts of the 3D model were saved in STL format to be 3D printed. The gripper was made of PLA and it cost me about 50 dollars.

Step 5: Assembling the Printed Parts

Step 6: Linking the Gripper With KUKA Robotic Arm

Step 7: Arduino Code and Wiring

Servo myservo;
 int potpin = 0;
 int val;
 void setup()
void loop()
val = analogRead(potpin);                       
val = map(val, 0, 1023, 0, 105); 



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    10 Discussions

    Really nice project!

    But unfortunately still could not find the STL files :(


    7 months ago

    This is such an elegant design!

    Where can I find the stl files? They don't appear to be linked above.

    thanks much for the post + sharing this cool design ~

    What is the gripping force that you can get from the gripper?

    Hello, could it be interesting to add a proximity sensor to accurately detect the position of the target before taking it?

    Maybe a sensor like the LS53L0X would be suitable? Let me know your thoughts.



    1 reply

    Yes it could be an interesting and useful development. Maybe I will improve the project in the future. Thanks for the note.

    Hey nice project! Can you upload the STL data to print my own gripper?

    2 replies

    1 year ago

    Nice design and docs! I can use this in a project. Thanks for sharing

    1 reply

    I'm really happy to hear that. Thank you!