3D Printed IPhone Camera Mount

Introduction: 3D Printed IPhone Camera Mount

I am writing this instructable because me and my teacher had a discussion about the feature Panorama and how when you move the camera you get black spots and glitches in your shot. I have made two versions of this mount. One is for an end mount and one for a side mount. The side mount also has a slot in the back for a charging chord and the speakers are exposed.

This is also for my Computer Animation class so i hope you all like it and please leave a comment.

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Step 1: Design Process

 These are all my rough dimensions and design concepts I used to model out my project. I had 3 designs but the last one I would say is the best. The first one works for iPods and pretty much all devices but the last one for sure fits the needs to an iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and also iPods.

Step 2: 3D Modeling

  1. In this step you need to make a square with the dimensions: 2-5/8"
  2. you need to make the shape of an iPhone,  to do this make a rectangle with the dimensions: 4.5" by 2-5/16" by 3/8"
  3. You need to drag your iPhone into the block and position it approximately half way from the bottom to the top.
  4. Go to Solid>Difference and make sure the block is selected. Now click the iPhone and press enter button. This will cut the shape of the iPhone out.
  5. You now need now make a shape to remove the top piece to make it a real mount. To do this draw a line 1/8" of the inside of the shape. Now put the line in the middle of the shape and do a wire cut. To use Wire Cut go to Solid>Solid Edit Tool>Wire Cut.
  6. You need to fillet the edges. To do this go to Solid>Fillet Edge>Fillet Edge and then select the edges you would like to fellet. Make the roundness .0625"
  7. You Now need to make a .5" bold hole. To do this click on the Polygon and make sure you change the bolt sides to 6. To do this press N and hitenter now type in 6 and press enter again. Now type in .5 and hit enter. You have now created your bolt shape.
  8. To extrude the bolt go to Solid>Extrude Planar Curve>Straight. It really doesn't matter how long it is. it will no affect it as long as it is longer than the hole you are trying to make.
  9. You need to rotate the bolt to a downwards position and then position it where you would like to put it. To do this click on Transform>Rotate and rotate is to its side. Now just move it.
  10. After you get it into position do a Solid Difference. Select the Mount and then go to Solid>Difference and click the bolt and press enter. This will make the hole.
  11. Now to add Custom text click on the Text tool and write what you want it to say and then click okay. it will give you an outline of the shape. Now Extrude the Shape by going to Solid>Extrude Planar Curve>Straight. Make is as long as you want it but again it has to been as deep or deeper than you would like your text to be.
  12. Now move your text to where you would like on your mount and make sure you don't set it too deep. Now select your Mount and go to Solid>Difference and click on the Text. Press Enter and your text will disappear and you will be left with your text indented.
  13. If you would like to have a custom logo on your mount, import your logo and drag it onto the mount. I exported my logo from illustrator as a .DWG file. In Rhino I just drag the shape to the depth i want it to be and go to Solid>Solid Edge Tool>Wire Cut and cut up. You can do this with as many shapes and you would like.

Step 3: Printing

 These are all the Pictures of the print and taking it off and prepping it to get it looking like it is now.

Just a note while printing, if you have a bigger mount or object you are going to want to think about how you place it to print. i had a previous version of the mount print with the corner lifted and I had to throw it away. Also think about where you are placing your logo. If you are putting something on the back be careful. The support material will fill it and you will have to dig it all out. Dont make the design too complicated.

Step 4: Final Images

 These are some images of the final product after printing. I hope you all enjoyed my instructable. Please leave a comment if you did also here is a panorama shot before and after.

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