3D Printed Insert for Cauldron Board Game



About: I am someone who like video games and 3D printing. I also go by the usernames Anventia and skitcher.

This is a 3D printed game insert for the board game Cauldron by Altema Games.

Step 1: 3D Print the Parts

3D Print one of each file in a filament of your choice. You can find the files here on Thingiverse.

There are full sized trays, but they are too big to fit on a 220x220mm bed, so I sliced them up into 2 parts each to fit smaller print beds. If you have a larger print bed, you can print trays in one piece. More information on Thingiverse.

Step 2: Assemble Trays

Slot correct trays together, and glue. You can also do this step with completed trays while others are printing.

Step 3: Insert Components

Add the game pieces to the trays, then you are all done!

The trays are meant to come out and placed around your playing area for easy organization of cards/tiles. I will post a picture of a game in progress soon. :)



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