3D Printed Jenga Box and Block Stacker



Introduction: 3D Printed Jenga Box and Block Stacker

I wanted a way to store my Jenga blocks. At the same time, the box could be used as a stacking tool to help you align and get a perfect stack every time.

Step 1: Sketchup

I designed it in Sketchup into multiple parts since my 3D printer can't print something that big.

Step 2: Print

So I used a Da Vinci 1.0 3D printer to do the printing. I printed it using 1.75mm ABS filament. I printed it at 0.2 layer height for a better finish. 0.4 layer height probably would've been faster. So I'd recommend that.

Step 3: Putting It Together

The box is made of 3 pieces glued together. You can use super glue but I would recommend using acetone since it fuses ABS together really well. It's almost like a weld.

Step 4: Strengthen

Again if you're using ABS, it's a good idea to strengthen your parts by brushing a light coat of acetone over the whole print. It'll melt and create a shell over the many layers making it really strong.

Step 5: Stack

Stack your bricks in the new box. It keeps them organized and ready for the next game.

Step 6: Perfect Stack

The box can be used to align your stack so it's perfect every game. Just tilt it upside down and slowly lift the box up to reveal a perfect stack.

Check out my video to see it in action.

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