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Hi there. I'm not so good in making bracelets(or jewelry), but I really wanted to make one. So I thought, why not to print one. Maybe it won't be so beautiful like ones made from metal and precious stones but you can print any shape very easy and it takes much less time. All you need to have are 3D printer, 3D design program(like AutoCAD or SolidWorks), some time and imagination.

So let's start!

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Step 1: Designing

So first thing you have to do is to design you bracelet in computer. Not the whole bracelet but only shape(the most beautiful part of bracelet) and connector between one shape and another. I'll make two bracelets: first standardA bracelet(connector and shape are the same) and second with Apple logo(shape is Apple logo and connector is leaf). You can create any bracelet you want or just download one of mines. You can add extra shapes to diversity your bracelet. It's very important to leave space in connector to be able to connect two shapes together(leaf is not closed).

Step 2: Connecting

If you designed your bracelet print shapes and connectors as many as you need. Connect shape with connector and another shape(image 1). If you don't have shapes, only connectors(standard bracelet) connect two connectors together(image 2). OK, but there's still hole in connector. To close connector squeeze ends(of leaf) and put them into the fire for 1-2 seconds, but only the ends of connector - if flame will touch rest of the connector it will deform. You can also after you heat it in the fire squeeze it by hand while it is still hot. Do it carefully to not burn yourself or deform shapes and connectors. If you connected all shapes and connectors together, you have to make clasp. To do this take paper clip, straighten it and cut about 3 centimeters. Bend in about 1/3 put it on shape and tighten it. Bend also in half of rest like hook.

Step 3: Wear It or Give for It for Someone

Put it on hand, fasten and wear or give it for someone you like.

You can color it or add more sophisticated shapes. That's the end! Hope you enjoyed it :)

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    3 years ago

    Nice idea, having the leaf be a connector for the apple logo. :)

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