3D Printed Kayak Paddle Holder

Introduction: 3D Printed Kayak Paddle Holder

This Instructable outlines the process used to create a 3D printed kayak paddle holder for those times when you just want to float.

Step 1: Design

The first step in creating anything is to design it. Here you lay out what you want the object to be able to accomplish and how you are going to make that happen. For this design, we wanted the piece that actually holds the paddle to be able to swivel since the kayak is curved at the place we wanted to attach it. This diminished the need to measure the characteristics of the curve and provides a number of other benefits.

We also wanted the holder to be removable so it wouldn't get broken during transportation. With these features in mind we began to draft the basic design of the paddle holder.

Step 2: Set-up

To begin we determined a location for the paddles to rest.

Next we marked the location with a dry erase marker on the kayak.

Step 3: Measuring

After we decided how we wanted the paddle holder to look, we measured the dimensions of the kayak that were necessary for the final product to function. Any measuring utensil can be used. In our case we used a dial caliper, measuring tape, and an angle finder.

Step 4: SolidEdge

We used SolidEdge to create a 3D model of the parts. The parts include: the base, the top swivel part (to be combined with the base) and the inside piece that holds the base in place.

In order to make the swivel feature of the holder piece, we created a small hollow cylinder that expands into a half circle type depression in the top of the base using the cut feature and then round. Then, on the top part, we extruded the identical geometry with slightly smaller dimensions so that it would fit inside with room to rotate.

We also decided to create a t-slot where the base and the inside pieces connect for a more rigid connection.

Step 5: 3D Printing

We used a MakerBot 3D printer to print the parts. The top swivel part and the base were printed as an assembly with internal supports. When the printing was done, we simply broke the supports and the piece easily rotates as desired. Print two of them, attach them to the kayak and that's all there is to it! Now I have a place to rest my paddle while I float around.

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