3D Printed Keychain




This is a project that I used with second and third grade students who were studying angles and lines.

Step 1: Google Draw

Students used google draw to create their design.

Step 2: Converting Google Draw to .svg File

Next we needed to convert the google draw file into an svg file. The direct download from google draw did not work so instead it was downloaded as a jpeg and converted using http://picsvg.com/

Step 3: Tinkercad Base

Using Tinkercad, students designed a base for the keychain.

Step 4: Adding Image to Base

After the base is created, students imported their image. The design could either be embossed or imprinted.

Step 5: Exporting to 3D Print

After the keychain is designed, it needs to be exported as an .stl file for the printer.

Step 6: Converting .stl File

Lastly the .stl file is converted to the printer.

Step 7: The Final Product

Students documented their process. See the video of some of the final projects.



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