3D Printed MTG Life Counter

Introduction: 3D Printed MTG Life Counter

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In this instructable I will go through the process of making a life counter for Magic the Gathering. This counter can also be used in other games that involve ever changing values that need to be kept track of. I have always wanted to get into 3D printing and I thought that there was no better way than to cheaply make something I have always wanted.

Step 1: Printing the Files

The first step would be to print the included files. I put the sides and dials separate so if you wanted to print them in different colors it would be easier to do so. I decided to have my sides printed in black and my dials in red.

Update: I had my sides printed and I did not account for enough space between the peg and the holes. I have updated the .stl file for the sides so that there should be plenty of space for the dials to rotate and the sides to be glued together.

Step 2: Assembly

Assembly is as easy as fitting a round peg into a round hole. Just put the dials onto the peg as shown in the above pictures. with the printer that I used it had enough movement and error that some sanding was needed to make the peg diameter smaller. this added a little extra time, but it doesnt effect its looks or it functionality in the endd. Once the dials are on just put a small amount of glue or epoxy into the indent of the left side where the peg goes into. You want just enough glue that when put together none of it will get onto the dials. If any of it does the dial will not move.

Step 3: Final Product

this was my product once I finished. it turned out much better than I had anticipated. This is my first instructable and my first attempt to do anything with 3d modeling, any help and criticism would be greatly appreciated.

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4 years ago

Wow! It is great! When i finish my 3d printer i will do. Thanks!