3D Printed Magnetic Clamps

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These magnetic clamps are great for small woodworking and craft projects! Get the perfect glue-up without the hassle of springs and straps.


3D printer

Strong neodymium magnets - We used these magnets for 1/2" wood, but these magnets for anything thinner than 1/2".

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Step 1: 3D Print and Clamp!

We've done the designing for you, all you have to do is print them! We have uploaded the STL files to Thingiverse. Click here for the link.

The slot in the back piece allows the clamps to be used on any thickness of wood, up to 1/2". It's hard for magnets to have a strong force over more than a 1/2" gap.

Step 2: Tips...

When getting ready to clamp, put the magnets into the inner piece first. Be careful! These strong magnets can break if they slam together.

Roughly line up the edges for gluing and place the back piece on, without the magnets.

Place the back magnets in one at a time then align the pieces for gluing.

We show only using one set of clamps, but two sets would probably be best.

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