3D Printed Magnetic Motor/Generator


Introduction: 3D Printed Magnetic Motor/Generator

This is an idea I had for a 3d printed motor/generator. Basically, it works by using magnets to rotate an arm within a circular enclosure. As you can see from the photos, this is a two part  project. Rare-earth magnets will be glued/placed in some other way on the ends of the arms and on the  insides of the angular cut outs in the circular enclosure. The arm piece should be placed on the pin in the enclosure and it SHOULD spin. Unfortunately, I have no idea whether this design will work or not and it certainly needs a lot of work. If anybody decides to print this PLEASE get back to me with results and changes you would suggest. Any comments are welcome. Unfortunately I cannot write a lot about this project as it is only an idea and I have no way of testing it. For some reason, it will not allow me to upload the 123d files so if anyone knows how to fix that please tell me. I have also entered this in the 123d contest do if you like the idea, please give me a vote. 
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    Looks to me like it will turn 1/4 turn & stop. You have to have some way to switch the magnetic field to maintain rotation. There is nothing shown here that would generate electricity. You have to pass a conductor thru a magnetic field to generate electricity.

    This violates several laws of physics. Many free energy claims are based in this. It will only spin with as much energy input to get it started. It will stop in a finite amount of time.

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    4 years ago

    Build it out of something else. Like mold it in foam board using a cad printed stencil; then make a casting out of it and tinker with some magnets in such and let us know how it works out.

    Thanks for your interest everybody! much appreciated comments as this is my first instructable. As I said, I did not know if this idea would work or not, as I had no way of checking because of a distinct lack of 3d printers in Ireland.

    This will run for a finite amount of time, but as long as we are in agreement that this will not run on its own. You can not, and will not, get power out without putting something in.

    This is two types of motors conceptually smashed together. There is no way it will work though. The electro-magnet idea however is a fine start. Now if you used a stepper AC motor to push an electric motor with magnet core and stator. You might be able to charge a battery bank and continuously run. for a finite amount of time


    4 years ago

    Ah cool Concept I thought about a design similar but using multiple electro magnets firing in a sequence against their negative counter parts. Of course an initial amount of power would be needed to start the motor but it should sustain by itself and generate enough power to fire the magnets on its own. But since I don't know much on this topic it's only remained a basic concept in my head and some basic sketch work. Anyone know of a good source of online information on a power source like this one?