3D Printed Mini Arcade Joystick With Tactile Switches




American style joysticks are rather simple in design, can it be reverse engineered and 3D printed? Yes.

I added some features like interchangeable restrictor plates (4-way or 8-way) and varying sized actuators to customize the feel. In the end I made a working tactile switch joystick at 50% scale for about $3.40 in parts and filament.

Watch the video!

Step 1: Download STLs

STL files are attached! Happy printing!

Printed on a PrintrBot Simple Metal
Layer Height 0.25mm
Shell thickness 0.8mm
Fill Density 20% for large parts, 50% on small parts
Print Speed 60 mm/s @208 C
Hatchbox PLA filament 1.75mm dia

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    just a note the standard joysticks are size locked so smaller options are not easily available.
    For projects that are scaled down things like this are virtually your only option


    2 years ago

    This is amazing. Could you use acetone to smooth the plazo?

    1 reply