3D Printed Mini Nightlight

Introduction: 3D Printed Mini Nightlight

What to do with a 10mm LED and a 3D Printer? Why not make a Mini Nightlight. Perfect for simple lighting around the house, or even outside, these Mini Nightlights will fit the bill just about anywhere you need them.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

  • 3D Printer (any type will do)
  • 10mm LED (any color will do)
  • Cutters
  • 2032 3v Coin cell type battery
  • STL File (attached)

*Note: We realize not everyone will have a 3D printer but as this Instructable Build night was done at the Tampa Hackerspace, we had access to this equipment. We hope you too might have a space like this near you! Spaces like this are almost always volunteer run, so if you use one, be sure to show your support!*

Step 2: Printing the Nightlight

Take the STL file attached, download and print it out. It comes in two pieces. You will have the bottom and then the top of the nightlight cover itself.

Step 3: Plug in the LED and Battery

On the bottom half of the print, take your LED and measure out how much of the LED's leads to cut with your cutters. Be careful not to cut too much, so cut just a little at a time (as it's easier to keep cutting if you need more off). Once you have cut the LED, place the LED into the slot along with the 2032 battery. Remember that one lead on the LED is longer than the other. The longer lead is called the anode and will be on the positive side of the battery. The short side will be on the negative side. It's called a cathode.

Step 4: Finish the Lantern

Now that you have the battery plugged in, slide the bottom half of the print into the top.
That's it, you have a Mini Nightlight to keep you company!

Step 5:

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