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ok so I decided to make a minigun with my 3d printer, but as i went through the thingiverse site I couldn't find one, so I made my own, unfortunately I don't know what software to use to record my building of this in rhino when I find some I will upload a video of it. And this is still a work in progress! so there will be updates to it and it will have holes and stuff in it if you print but they will be put to use later.

Step 1: How It Looks on Rhino

so instead of taking a lot of pictures as I build this (which would be pointless) I have just the end results for the guns, as you can see I am still building the base. If you have any suggestions as to what you want to see I can make some more designs. Once I figure out the recording stuff I will upload a video to YouTube so you can do this as well.

Step 2: Finished Print

So i just made the left gun, and this is what it came out like, you will see that the base the barrels attach to is warped that was from my printer, so I re-did that part of the design so it will just be one piece, it was 3 originally, and you can paint the gun if you want, I didn't feel like doing so, the mouse is for scale, keep in mind all of the parts were made to be printed in a 8*8*8" printer area, you can scale them up or down accordingly.


that link will take you to download this, If you have any thoughts questions or whatever let me know once again I will put a video up soon.



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