3D Printed Minimalist Wallet



This instructable will show you how to make your own simple 3D printed wallet for pennies

Step 1: - Download the File

Step 2: Assembly

You'll need to print the file twice.

Once it is printed you will notice that the "tines" on the pieces nest if you place one over the other.

Step 3: Insert Your Credit Cards and Etc.

Once you have the halves together you can slide your credit cards and ID between the pieces. The nested "tines" will keep everything from falling out.

It should not matter too much how many cards you have, the wallet should expand or contract to hold what you need as long as the card in the middle has tines from both sides touching it's edges.

Step 4: Hold It All Together

Lastly you will need something to wrap around it to hold everything together. A rubber band or velcro strap would work, But I have found the best way is to sew small elastic loops. You can purchase the elastic in the sewing dept of walmart or most local hardware stores- just make sure to get some that is relatively wide.

Step 5: Add Cash and Throw It in Your Pocket

You can now use the elastic band to hold your cash in place-- and you're done!

Step 6: FAQ

Here is a video that will help answer questions if you have any or feel free to ask below in the comments.

3D printed minimalist wallet




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