3D Printed Minimalistic IPhone Case With Built in 3 in 1 Kickstands

3D Printing is currently at it's peak of interest and use by the general public and through websites such as Shapeways thousands of designs are available to order by anyone which will then be 3d printing by the company 'Shapeways' then shipped to the buyer's front door. After keeping a close eye on the trend of the designs available and which ones sell and by also contributing to the designs available myself, I have come to see that the popular items are either art based or designed for their functionality however not many seem to cross this boundary and be both, this is where my design comes in...

Let me introduce you to the 'TriStand Minimal' iPhone cases (both iPhone 4/4s version and iPhone 5 version): this is version 3.0 (after hundreds of design changes) of a 3D Printed iPhone case  which now bridges the gap in the 3D Printing market between 'function' and 'form', while having a modern stylish Skeleton like Minimalistic look, this iPhone case also functions in a revolutionary way:

The TriStand iPhone cases have built in flip out kickstands; these can be used to produce very geometrically stable stands to stand your iPhone in 1 of 3 orientations, a portrait orientation and 1 of 2 angles on both of the landscape orientations, one is great for typing, and the other is great for watching videos. The flip out stands fold flush to the case and 'snap' into place when not in use to stop the stands from opening by themselves. All this while keeping the thickness of the case at only 2.25mm (and 1.5mm at the sides).

This TriStand is printed  as one piece taking full advantage of the 3D Printing's ability to print moving parts in a single print, really showing off the capabilities of 3D Printing as a manufacturing technique, not only is this design manufactured by a 3D Printer, this design allows the whole product to be 3D Printed fully assembled in one piece, this means there is no need for product assembly; reducing the cost of manufacturing products and making them easier to produce, one step from manufacturing to packaging; thus showing 3D Printing as a very viable product manufacturing technique today.

I hope you like the design, if you like it enough, please vote for this entry in the 'Design Competition' and the 'UP! Contest'
If you like it a lot, you can buy this iPhone case directly from Shapeways for manufacture through 3D Printing.
iPhone 5 version
iPhone 4/4s version

If you are interested in 3D Printing please check out my other instructables showing some of my other 3D Printing ideas including:
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Some have been printed and some are still in the concept stages. I have also created design files for a controllable insulating cup so you can cool that coffee down and keep it at the right temperature!

Hopefully I will own a 3D Printer in the future however I currently use Shapeways for my 3D prints which is to be honest quite expensive and it can take weeks to arrive.



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    8 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Hi, if you would email me at monsterbike@live.ca I would like to talk to you about a deal a on this design.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Too bad this is an ad for the case to buy and not a project we can work with.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Dear if i became amember do i can get the .stl files to print on my on 3d printer for such 3 in 1 kickstands .

    plus this designe can be only 3d printed with powder not filament 3d printers


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Do you have some type of templates to sell. Because for one this great and 2nd I am thinking about buying a 3d printer


    6 years ago on Introduction

    the STL would have been nice :/ otherwise great job.

    I like this allot, too bad I don't have an I Phone. Any chance you will be making this for other models? (or posting the flipping mechanism for others to customize to their own phones?)
    My phone (Galaxy Ace) is similar in shape but camera's (exc.) are in different places.
    Nice job.

    2 replies

    Thanks, I'm really glad you like it.
    Unfortunately this mechanism only works on a phone with a completely flat back as the hinges and rigidity of the stands would be lost if they have curves in them so unfortunately this case is only available for and will only work with the iPhone at the moment. I'm really pleased you like the design though.

    thats were I ran into problems designing a case for my own phone, the edges and top are slightly curved,and I wanted a tight fit. It's too bad the design is about what I was trying to make, but without the hinges. Great job.