3D Printed New Legs for X525 Quadcopter

Introduction: 3D Printed New Legs for X525 Quadcopter

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Many times our drones crash against trees, walls, neighbor’s cars, etc. And some important pieces of those are destroyed by the impact. I want to show you how to replace the legs from the quadcopter X525 with 3D printed parts.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

1. Bernier

2. Notebook

3. Pencil

4. 3D design software (I used SolidWorks)

5. 3D printing software

6. 3D printer

7. Bolts and nuts

Step 2: Measurements

Measure the diameters from de holes where are the bolts and the distances.

Later get the distance between the holes, remember the distance between two holes is from the center of those, so you get the distance between the edges just sum:
(radius from hole 1)+(radius from hole 2)+(distance between the edges)=( distance between two holes)

Draw a sketch and write the distances to not forget it!

Step 3: Virtual Design

Now we can design the legs, I made a simply design, drawing 1 leg and one base to connect with the quadcopter frame.

Legs (measures in mm, extrusion 15 mm)

Base legs (in mm, extrusion 10mm)

Once you finish, save the pieces in .STL format:

Step 4: 3D Printing

You need a program to convert from STL to a vectorized model for print the pieces and send them to the printer. I sent my pieces to a 3D printing service and they send me the printed pieces in black.

Step 5: Build the Drone

You will need new bolts and for connecting the new legs to the drone frame.

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