3D Printed "Print-In-Place" Adjustable Wrench




Introduction: 3D Printed "Print-In-Place" Adjustable Wrench

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Print-in-place 3D printing means that several coinciding parts are printed at the same time. This is a experiment from 2013 when i did some tests using this technique in my desktop 3dprinter at home. The objective was to create a adjustable wrench that would have all the parts done in one print and assembled once the print was done.

I´m sure there are lot´s of different takes on a wrench like this and maybe better ones at that, this is only my take at this.

Step 1: Download the File(s)

There are a few versions to download. The original size was done with ABS in mind. When i print this in PLA i scale it up to 150% to get a slightly bigger gap between parts and that usually works fine for me.

All files are available on Thingiverse aswell as other sites.

Step 2: Slice and 3D Print

I have sliced this in a few slicers and none have shown any signs of problems with standard settings.

I usually print it at 0.2mm layerheight with the recommended settings for the material i use. If you print this in PLA i recommend that you scale it up to around 150%.

Step 3: Remove Support and Loosen Parts

If your lucky the support structures can be removed by hand without to much effort but if your unlucky all the parts may have fused together and your stuck with a non-adjustable wrench.

If your having problems removing the support structures and loosen the internal part you can try to use a tool to do so.

Once the support parts are gone and parts a moving you can add some olive oil to the moving parts to make them move smoother if needed.

Step 4: Share Your 3D Printed Wrench With the World

Congratulations, you made it!

And while it may not be the easiest print i think it´s ok share your wrench with the world, post a make or just post some pictures of your latest 3dprint.

This can be a fun experiment and a great project to showcase what you can do with a standard desktop 3D printer.

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    Question 7 months ago on Step 4

    The wrench I printed is not working. There is no gap for the wheel scroll to roll and it seems threads and wheel are fused.
    I downloaded the part, sliced on BCN3D CURA and printed with PLA with 0.2 mm layer height and recommended settings.
    Can you please tell me what parameters might be wrong or anything else that went wrong? As this is my project and I need to have a solid justification of why it went wrong.
    Also does scaling the object increases the gaps as well?
    Thank you very much.