3D Printed Quadcopter




For this project, I wanted to design and print a quadcopter with features that couldn't be manufactured by any method other than 3d printing.

Step 1: Electronics Mock Up.

The first step was to mock up the electronics. I used a piece of lexan to lay out the wiring and assemble all of the electronic components that would be used on this build.

Step 2: Fuselage Design and Engineering.

After I laid out the electronics, I made 3d models of all of the components and began arranging them out in a rough 3d model of a quadcopter. I gradually added all of the components and modified the quadcopter as needed to get them to fit.

Step 3: Test Fitting Components.

I created several partial prints to verify component fit up without spending g too much time printing the whole quadcopter. As I found fitment issues, I revised the model and reprinted.

Step 4: Final Prints.

Once all the electronics were fitted in small partial prints, I began printing g the full components. There were 7 pieces total, 4 motor arms, the fuselage, lid, and camera gimbal.

Step 5: Final Assembly.

After the prints were sanded smooth, I assembled all of the electronics in the fuselage. Once the electronics were assembled, I configured the flight controller, added propellers, and it was ready for a test flight.

Step 6: Ready for Flight.

The last step is to charge you batteries and go outside for a flight. Depending on the flight behavior, your quadcopter's flight controller may need to be adjusted according to the user manual.



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    4 Discussions


    Question 11 months ago

    what software did you use for designing the quadcopter


    2 years ago

    you provide the file to 3D print it?


    3 years ago

    Nice! Could you provide the file to 3D print it?