3D Printed RC Car Body Shell for Turnigy 1/16 Buggy

A custom 3D printed shell for the Turnigy 1/16 brushless buggy from Hobby King.

Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1043067

Where I bought it:

1/16 Brushless 4WD Racing Buggy w/25A System (Buggy only) http://bit.ly/hk4wdbuggyatr

Turnigy 1/16 Brushless 4WD Racing Buggy (RTR) http://bit.ly/hk4wdbuggyrtr

FlySky GT2G http://bit.ly/bgfsgt2g

Turnigy GTX3 at HobbyKing http://bit.ly/gtx3hkus

FlySky GT3B at BangGood http://bit.ly/gt3bbg

FlySky VRC Simulator cable http://bit.ly/bgfsvrcsimcable

Compatible Receivers:

FlySky 3CH receiver http://bit.ly/bgfs3chrx

FlySky 6CH receiver http://bit.ly/bgfs6chrx

FlySky 8CH receiver http://bit.ly/bgfs8chrx


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