3D Printed: Roman Public Library

About: My hobby is building robot. My goal is design and 3D printing all different kind of robot and provide the robotic hobbyist community with a platform that could then program and improve up on.

The Roman Public Library is a continuing series one of my design inspired by the ancient Rome architecture. I have to give a big credit to an app game name DomiNations. The gameplay really inspiring me since I could build my civilization from the Stone Age to the Industrial Age and so on. The game was designed so that player would able to experience how the architect and culture of different change through the ages. Also, the game provides a large amount of information about the individual historical event also building, diversity and the similar of each nation.

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Step 1: First Floor.

The first floor of the library is for the public. Where young children and adults come to gather their knowledge and enrich their culture.

Step 2: Second Floor.

The second floor is where the elites come to share their ideology and develop philosophical thought.

The balcony provides a view over the city layout, a place where ancient city planners sat and plane out of their city.

Step 3: Final Coating, Detail, Finishing.

Step 4: Final Product ( Still Need More Detailing).

Please wait for an update for all STL files.

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