3D Printed Rorary Tool / Drill Bit Holder.

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This is my simple instructable for plastics contest, also my solution to keep drills, or dremel bits save and near when im working.

Usually i need to make couple different sized holes, i collect the bits and "store" them somewhere around my drills.

Same when doing things with dremel. Tasks that im doing reguires couple bits, and when its time to change the bit, i don't remember wich side of the table i placed it, or its somewhere under the saw dust.

This fixes that issue.

I bought set of magnets in metal casing from my local hw-store.

Those we're something between 1-2€ each.

Design is made with the free version of Tinkercad:





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Step 1: Prints..

For printing i used Dremel 3D40 printer.

Removed the supports and smooothened the inside of the casing using dremel micro.

Bits that i use are, flat grinding stone to flatten surfaces, tungsten carbide cutter for the holes and sanding drums for all other places. When using small rpm allmost any bit can be used.

Finished the surface with 320 grit paper.

Step 2: Idea..

Cap fits to the magnet firmly.
But still i can remove it, if i need to clean the surface of the magnet from metal chips or dust.

Bigger magnet was strong enough to stand straight in metal surface without need to add separate stand.

Holes at the design are with 2mm intervall.

Smallest hole is with 3.5mm diameter, 0.25mm bigger than dremel bits.

Largest is 16.25mm that's the biggest size that fits to my drills chuck.

All holes are 0.25mm larger than rated size.

To 8.25mm hole i can fir all drills between 6-8mm, 10.25mm hole drills between 8-10mm etc..

Magnet holds the drill, it just leans to hole walls and stays somewhat straight position.

Specially with dremel bits this is good thing.

You can change the bit with one hand when you don't need to push it to tight hole, that usually is the situtation if you use wooden stand for example.

Step 3: Smaller Version..

Smaller magnets we'rent so strong than the bigger ones. ( obviously )

So i connected two of them together with a piece of M6 threaded rod.

Magnet casings had threads allready.

This can be made with regular magnets without the casing too, these just we're the strongest ones that i found.

Very simple idea that can be easily modified for different sized magnets, or tools. ( chucks, spools... )

Thanks for checking this out.

And vote if you liked. :)

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