3D Printed Rose Necklace

Introduction: 3D Printed Rose Necklace

In this super quick and hopefully informative Instructable, I'll be going though the steps of making a small 3-D printed project. Enjoy!

Step 1:

You will need:

A thumb drive

A project file suitable for a 3D printer, I got mine from www.thingiverse.com

Plastic for your printer (ABS, PLA, PVA, etc.)

Step 2: Find Your File

Find a cool file on the internet. A fantastic resource for this is www.thingiverse.com

When choosing a design to print, keep in mind the amount of plastic required to make it. I chose this design because it is fairly flat, and required a small amount of plastic. Even so, the printer will build a base out of plastic to create your design on, so you will use a lot more than you may think.

Another consideration is time required to print. My flat design took about 45 minutes to create. Larger 3-D projects can take many, many hours, so make sure you can tie up a printer for that long.

Note: if you can find dimensions for your finished project, make sure to note those. My final product turned out just a bit bigger than I thought it would, but I'm still very happy with it.

Transfer your file onto a thumb-drive

Step 3: Find a 3D Printer

Next you'll want to find a 3D printer. Most universities will have one if they are equipped with a technology department, but luckily they are becoming more mainstream and easier to find.

Purchase your plastic. Most places will have you purchase and or bring in your own plastic for your project.

Now that you have your plastic and 3D printer ready to go, plug your thumb-drive into the printer and find your file.

Start printing!

Step 4: Print Your Project!

Let the printer do its magic!

One of the easiest and hardest parts of any project is waiting for it to finish, but the final product is worth the wait.

After it's finished printing, you'll have to remove it from the plastic base your project is printed on. You can do this with a paint scraper if your project is thin.

Step 5: Enjoy Your 3D Printed Necklace

To finish your project, attach a chain, ribbon, key-chain ring, or whatever you'd like!

Wear with pride and enjoy!

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