3D Printed Speaker

Introduction: 3D Printed Speaker

This 3D printed speaker is intended to fit phones of all sizes, just without the cases on. It is suppose to look like a treasure chest and the holes in the front will amplify the sound in a certain direction. Make sure to download it as a STL file in order to 3D print.

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Step 1: Creating the Base

First, you want to create a base or a stand for the speaker. Select the cube option and make it to a specific size (measurements are in the photos). Once you creat one the duplicate that process four time until you have them all lined up. After that now you want to make the bottom, again select the box option but this time stretch it out over the four cubes to where it makes a bottom. Make sure it is lined up. Now that you have a base, you can start to create the top of the treasure chest speaker.

Step 2: Making the Chest

Now that the base is set, you can start to make the treasure chest. Go to the geometric shapes option on the side and select the round roof option on the side. Place it on top of the base and center it. Spread it out and line it up perfectly with the base, then pull it up to make it 8 cm tall. The entire thing should measure 10 cm from top to bottom. The next step is hollowing it out.

In order to help project the sound and be able to fit phones of different sizes you need to hollow it out. Remove the top piece that you just created and set it to the side. Select the box hole option and place it in the center of the base. Make it to the measurements that are in the photos. Once this is done you can put the top back on.

Step 3: Finishing the Speaker

Now that it is hollowed out you need to create a place to put the phone. Select the box hole again and place it in the center on top of the speaker. Make it 7 cm long and 2 cm wide. This is where the phone will stand while playing music. Now to project the music you need holes in the front of the speaker. In order to do this select the round hole option and make it just long enough to where it gets through to the middle. Do this 8 times and center them on the front. If they are not wide enough then some adjustment can be done manually.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! This looks like a nice little phone amplifier.