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Introduction: 3D Printed Stacking Planters

This is a stacking desktop planter that can be customized to fit the shape and size of your work space so that you can have a little green in your life. For this I used tinkercad to create a 3D printable model. I will be providing step by step instructions on how I created this, however, I have also added the files necessary to print it. If you would like to add your own spin to my planter I suggest you follow along to get an idea of how to model it yourself.

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Step 1: Basic Planter Structure

I Started by placing a cylinder on the work plane measuring 30mm x 30 mm. Next I added a 27mm x 27mm x 1.25mm tube at the top-center of the cylinder, the top of the tube should be flush with top of the cylinder. I change the tube from solid into hole then grouped the two objects. Next I duplicated the tube and moved the duplicate to the bottom of the cylinder, the top of the tube should be touching the bottom of the cylinder. You may find it necessary to decrease the exterior diameter of the bottom tube a little bit for a better fit.

Step 2: Adding Cut-Out

I added a sphere to the model, changed it from solid to hole, measuring 18mm x 22mm x 22.5. I intersected the sphere with the cylinder and grouped the two objects together. You can add more cutouts with different sizes here, if you choose to.

Step 3: Hollowing Out Planter

To hollow out the planter I started by duplicating the model I had so far and ungrouped it until all the objects were separate. I removed the upper and lower tubes, grouped the sphere and cylinder and converted the object from solid to hole. Next I scaled the object so it measured 24mm x 24mm x 24.75 and was 9mm from the work plane. I centered the new model in the old model and grouped these two together.

Step 4: Adding Drainage

I added 6 2mm x 2mm cylinders intersecting the bottom of the model in the shown arrangement, converted from solid to hole. I group the cylinders with the model. The planter is done.

Step 5: Making Multi Planter Parts

I started by duplicating my planter twice and placing a rectangle between them measuring 30mmx 30mm. Next I placed two 30mm x 30mm cylinders in the same position as the planters and grouped the rectangle and both cylinders. Finally I grouped the new shape with the two planters. To add the third planter I duplicated the shape and one planter and moved them over. I also turned the planters to that their cut outs were facing out. The multi planter parts are done.

Step 6: The Tray

I began with a cylinder just under the work plane measuring 30mm x 30mm x 2mm and a duplicate of the model of the planter. I converted the model of the planter from solid to hole and centered it on top of the cylinder so that the bottom tube was intersecting the cylinder, I grouped both objects. I created another cylinder on top of the first measuring 22mm x 22mm intersecting the first cylinder by 1mm. I placeed a rounded roof piece intersecting with the second cylinder measuring 18mm x 18mm, converted from solid to hole. The back of the rounded roof piece should be tangent to the second cylinder measuring the full hight of the second cylinder. I grouped the rounded roof piece and the second cylinder. I converted the new object created from solid to hole and grouped it with the first cylinder. The planter tray is done.


While I have shown you the way I created it with the measurements I used it will be, most likely, too small. I scaled it up latter in my 3D printing software. I suggest you do the same. Find a size that suits you.

Step 8: Printing

To print just bring the file into your software and scale it to your liking. I do not have any recommended settings for you but I believe you are fine without doing anything special. I finished this by sanding it down, which I recomend to give it a nicer finish. I used grey filament and rough sanding to give it a stone look.

Step 9: Files

Step 10: Thank You

I appreciate you checking out my planter. I hope it brightens up your kitchen, bathroom, office or where ever else you might enjoy it.

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