3D Printed Steel Name Keys

Introduction: 3D Printed Steel Name Keys

About: I like to make things for the internets. I also sell a pretty cool calendar at supamoto.co. You'll like it.

These are two name keys that I designed in Rhino and 3D printed in stainless steel through Ponoko. The names are of my first son and my wife. I wanted something custom that would last a while and the stainless steel was a perfect fit.

The design in Rhino was very straightforward. For the bodies of the keys I just used cylinders, tori, and a flattened sphere. For the names, I created the outlines in Illustrator and extruded them in Rhino. Put them all together, export an STL, upload it to Ponoko, and you're off to the races.

Well, a slow race, that is. It takes a bit of time for them to get printed, but it's worth it.



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    For some reason I really like one of the keys... I wonder why...

    Wait, Ponoko will print on demand in metal?  Why did no-one tell me this?

    OK, turns out it's got some caveats, but still... 3D print on demand metal stuff? Amazing :)

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    Yeah, it's very nice in terms of a finished item as opposed to a prototype.

    Also cool from Ponoko is the ability to print in glazed ceramic. Shapeways one-ups this by including those as well as printing in silver (lost wax technique)

    These are awesome! Are they the size of a key or larger? Either way, wonderful!! I really like Orion's, the atom shaped handle is awesome!

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    They're much bigger. Each key is about 3.5" long. Right now Orion likes the other one better because he can put his fingers through it.

    These would make wonderful duel purpose gift tags! I'm seeing a key ring in the future...

    I particularly (no pun intended) like the one you made for Orion.

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    Thanks! Yes, a key ring would be a functional use.

    The first one I made was my wife's. I was trying to stay true to older style keys. When I got to Orion's I figured I'd try something different.