3D Printed Straw Connectors V7


Introduction: 3D Printed Straw Connectors V7

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As a follow up to my original post about a 3D printed straw construction set, I've made a new shape of connector.  This new connector  joins three straws in a vertex so that each straw is 60 degrees from the other two, this way you can build tetrahedrals and other shapes from equilateral triangles.  I printed this connector with an epilog printer (the grand prize in the Make it Real Challenge!)
I've attached the AutoCAD and stl files below.



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    Keep going! What a great idea. This is one of those, "Why didn't I think of that?" things. How about a connector that has adjustable connection points? A bit more difficult and require a bit of assembly, but it would make for some very interesting designs/uses. Man I would love to have access to one of these printers!

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