3D Printed Sunglasses (Wayfarer Style)




Introduction: 3D Printed Sunglasses (Wayfarer Style)

A 3D Printed Sunglasses

Summer is coming

Step 1: Material

Material List:

3D Printer

3D Filament

A Sunglasses (For the lenses and the hinges)

Hair dryer

Small Screwdriver

Soldering Iron


Step 2: Files


Step 3: Printing the Parts

First we need to have the parts of the printed sunglasses, for that, we need to print them.

We need 2 files, the frame and the temple, we can use the FreeCad files to export them to our favourite file extension or maybe we can use the STL files.

I'm going to use Cura like slicer software and a Prusa i3 SingleFrame.

1 - Load the STL files

2 - Multiply the Temple

3 - Make mirror for one temple file

4 - The quality settings

0.4mm Nozzle

0.15mm layer height

45mm/s speed

5 - Wait 2 Hours and 10 minutes

Step 4: Prepare the Sunglasses

Time to enjoy.

1 - Heat up the soldering iron

2 - Unscrew the hinges screws

3 - Using the soldering iron we are going to extract the hinges from the temples and the frame

4 - Extract the lenses, be careful with this step

Step 5: Printed Parts Time

Using our hair dryer and time.

1 - Heat up the main frame

2 - Insert the lenses (maybe you need to heat up more than one time) one by one, not need to run with this process

3 - The frame and the lenses have a little curvature

4 - Correct this curvature using the other frame like "mold"

5 - Same procedure for the temples

Step 6: Screw Them

First we need to insert the hinges in our printed parts

1 - Heat up the soldering iron

2 - Put the hinges in the holes and wait

3 - Screw again the hinges

Step 7: We Are Ready for SUMMER TIME

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    great idea!


    4 years ago

    It's cheaper to buy them


    Reply 4 years ago

    But these sunglasses are unique

    For example:

    The mainframe in red, one temple in blue and the other with copper filament